• Chinese New Year – 2024

    Chinese New Year – 2024

    The Year of the Dragon started off with a bang! We performed in around 30 events almost every day for 3 weeks, including Lion Dances, Dragon Dances, Workshops and Kung Fu shows. We’ve been in shopping centres, schools, universities, restaurants, casinos, city centre parades, business association events and Chinese schools. Its been an incredibly fun,… […]

  • 2023 Year in Review

    2023 Year in Review

    Happy New Year! Another busy and exciting year is behind us! The new school has coming on leaps and bounds, with more and more equipment going up and everyone pulling together to help build, decorate and keep it clean. Old students are returning and new ones are starting to find us again. The lion team… […]

  • Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai in Scotland

    Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai in Scotland

    Our Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai visited us this month. It was an action-packed week with lots of learning, tests, seminars and meal! We are extremely grateful and fortunate that he can come to the UK to teach us from his enormous experience and body of knowledge. He started his trip up in Peterhead where he… […]