Open Day 2024

Our Open Day this year was a great success. As it was the year of the Dragon, the Young Dragons performed a dragon dance as well as a lion dance for the first time. Kids of all ages took part in the show and we had some great shows from visiting schools.

This year, we had fantastic performances from two schools and a fencing workshop afterwards for the kids!

The Chinese snacks provided by the Heriot Watt Confucius institute were very popular!

Sensei John Monaghan showed us a wide variety of applications and scenarios using only the first technique learnt in the Aikijujutsu system!

Coach Gordon Fife showed us a huge number of different historical swords and some practical demonstrations as well. The workshop after the show was very popular!

Looking forward to next year!

All photos courtesy of Robin Mair Photography – see more photos on our Facebook page.




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