Open Day 2023

For the first time since 2019, we opened our doors for our annual Open Day celebration! It was also the first time we held this event in our new premises on Gorgie Road.

We originally started this event almost ten years ago as a way to celebrate Chinese New Year with the local community and form links in the Edinburgh Martial Forest. However, we started to get so busy during Chinese New Year periods we moved it later in the year and called it our “Spring Open Day” instead.

This year, we had fantastic performances from four schools.

Sifu Ian Burgess showed us how his school uses Tai Chi energies and builds up towards sparring with contact –

Sifu Jialing Mo’s student Jia Qi demonstrated the Crescent Moon Knives from Bagua Zhang

Sensei John Monaghan showed us many applications and foundations behind Aikijujutsu –

Grandmaster Liming Yue and his students performed Chen Tai Chi forms, showing some push hands and applications as well –

Looking forward to next year!

All photos courtesy of Robin Mair Photography – see more on our Facebook page.




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