Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai in Scotland

Our Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai visited us this month. It was an action-packed week with lots of learning, tests, seminars and meal! We are extremely grateful and fortunate that he can come to the UK to teach us from his enormous experience and body of knowledge.

He started his trip up in Peterhead where he carried out tests and seminars including a seminar on the Hang Yuet Darn Dao.

We had a Junior and Senior grading in Edinburgh, from the first test all the way up to Assistant Instructor level testing – see Grading System.

The sun was shining when we performed a Traditional Lion Dance at the Grange Fair. It was a great day and the crowd were very excited to see us.

Not only did we have several clinics where students could have their various injuries and ailments looked at, he also taught us a seminar on Healing Shoulder Injuries using Traditional Chinese Dit Da techniques.

Seminar on Gung Ji Kuen, specifically on the philosophy and applications of the Thousand Character Hand – Chin Ji Sao.

Senior students received hand-drawn calligraphy from Grandmaster Yee. he has also taught me a little how to do it, I hope one day to be able to make them as nice as his!

Seminar on the Ng Loong Ba Gwa Gwan form, philosophy and applications.

Group meal to celebrate the tests and seminars, great Chinese banquet at Imperial Palace in Longstone.

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