Chinese New Year – 2024

The Year of the Dragon started off with a bang! We performed in around 30 events almost every day for 3 weeks, including Lion Dances, Dragon Dances, Workshops and Kung Fu shows.

We’ve been in shopping centres, schools, universities, restaurants, casinos, city centre parades, business association events and Chinese schools.

Its been an incredibly fun, diverse and exciting celebration. The whole school has been involved in supporting us and special thanks to the lion dance team who attended events almost every day and showed amazing resilience, energy and skill.

It has felt like we have found a new level for our performing and have had so much exposure this year. We’ve had some amazing feedback!

Through the year we will be performing at weddings and summer parades, and our next big event will be our school Open Day, watch this space!

We’re already getting enquiries for next Chinese New Year, we are going to go back to the drawing board and try to think up some new and exciting performances for next year.

Best wishes to all for the Year of the Dragon! More photos can be found on our FB page here.




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