Traditional Kung Fu
in the Heart of Edinburgh


The Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy offers the complete martial system of Hung Ga Kung Fu, an authentic martial art that can be traced back to the Shaolin Temple in Southern China.

As well as being known for its powerful close-range techniques, and its use of the five animals and five elements of traditional Shaolin philosophy, this system offers mental and spiritual growth achieved through all levels of internal and external training, proven life management philosophies and silent introspection.


  • Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai in Scotland

    Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai in Scotland

    Our Grandmaster Yee Chi Wai visited us this month. It was an action-packed week with lots of learning, tests, seminars and meal! We are extremely grateful and fortunate that he can come to the UK to teach us from his enormous experience and body of knowledge. He started his trip up in Peterhead where he…

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  • Welcome to the New Website!

    Welcome to the New Website!

    We’ve refreshed the website and updated some of the photos, tell us what you think!

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