2023 Year in Review

Happy New Year! Another busy and exciting year is behind us! The new school has coming on leaps and bounds, with more and more equipment going up and everyone pulling together to help build, decorate and keep it clean. Old students are returning and new ones are starting to find us again.

The lion team has been incredibly dedicated, bringing in an important income to the school. We performed almost 50 times this year, double that of last year with only half over Chinese New Year. We also performed at 7 weddings, and 8 gala days – 5 with the dragon out as well.

We restarted our annual Spring / late Chinese New Year open day. Thanks to everyone who came both as spectator and performer. Four schools attended who hadn’t come to our party in previous years.

Finally, we welcomed again our Grandmaster Frank Yee for some fantastic workshops and test sessions for our students. Congratulations to all who were promoted.




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